It's a common requirement in programming challenges - such as Project Euler - to determine if a number is a prime number. Recently I was tasked with finding a nice method of finding the nth prime number.
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The obvious solution here is to iterate through the whole number Read More →

Each natural number that is divisible only by 1 and itself is prime.
Prime numbers appear to be more interesting to humans than other numbers.
Why is that and why prime numbers are more important than the numbers that are divisible by 2, for instance ?
Perhaps the answer is that prime numbers are largely used in Read More →

Prime Factorization (or integer factorization) is a commonly used mathematical problem often used to secure public-key encryption systems.
A common practice is to use very large semi-primes (that is, the result of the multiplication of two prime numbers) as the number securing the encryption.
In order to break it, they would have to find the prime factorization Read More →