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Qt_logostrap_CMYKI discovered the Red Hat DevTools 1.1 for CentOS-5/6 ×86_64 and updated GCC tools on my CentOS 6.4 build machine from gcc version 4.4.7 to 4.7.
The devtools work great! I wished I had discovered them sooner. They use Software Collections (SCLs) that install all the tools under /opt directory without polluting any of the existing gcc version 4.4.7 CentOS 6.4 developer tools.

Recipe used:

# Install missing Qt build dependencies:

yum install libxcb libxcb-devel xcb-util xcb-util-devel

# Install Red Hat DevTools 1.1 for CentOS-5/6 x86_64

wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/devtools-1.1.repo

yum install devtoolset-1.1

# Open new terminal in ~/projects folder and enable devtoolset-1.1

    mkdir ~/projects
    cd ~/projects
    scl enable devtoolset-1.1 bash

# Test - Expect to see gcc version 4.7.2( * NOT * gcc version 4.4.7 )

    gcc -v

# recuperate Git Qt sources

    git clone git:// qt5

    cd qt5
    git checkout stable
    perl init-repository

# Clean and configure - Optional clean is needed if re-configuring

git submodule foreach --recursive "git clean -dfx"
./configure -opensource -nomake examples -nomake tests -no-gtkstyle -confirm-license -qt-libpng -no-c++11

# If making on multi-core, for example a quad-core,use "make -j 4"


# make install copies to /usr/local/Qt-5.1.2/
# Run as su or using sudo

make install

# Build Qt Creator

export QTDIR=/usr/local/Qt-5.1.2/

# recuperate Git Qt Creator sources

cd ~/projects
git clone git://
cd qt-creator

# compile the sources

${QTDIR}/bin/qmake -r


./bin/qtcreator &

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