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webservice-There is a list at the official PHP website: You can see that PHP can work with OAuth, SCA, SOAP, Yar and XML-RPC. But there is another way which is so simple to create a webservice. It is JSON.

How to create a simple web service with JSON

I will show how to create a simple web service with JSON. Our service will get the parameters by using $_GET , therefore we will put the parameters to url.
For instance : so the service will answer depending on myparameter.

Lets look at service's index file

<strong>index.php </strong>
$something = $_GET['s'];
$sqlcode = mysql_query("Select $something from mydb limit 5 ");
$jsonObj= array();
  $jsonObj[] = $result;
$final_res =json_encode($jsonObj) ;
echo $final_res;  


    $username=""; //write your username
    $password=""; //write your password
    $db_name=""; //write your db name
    mysql_select_db($db_name,$con) or die ("Cannot connect the Database");
    mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'",$con); 

Thats all. You will see the JSON results on the screen. You can validate the JSON results with the help of some sites.

Json validator addresses:

How to get results of a web service ?

Your application will ask this webservice something, then the service will give response with a json result. Your application should get the results with a reader to read the webservice's output.

In PHP, you can do that with file_get_contents() function.

Here is an example of my php application: readwebservice.php

$jsonObj = file_get_contents('');
$final_res = json_decode($jsonObj, true) ;
var_dump( $final_res );

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