This Jenkins pipeline tutorial will help you understand what is Jenkins & how Jenkins performs continuous integration, why do we need pipeline & how Jenkins pipeline works. You will learn how to create build and delivery pipelines & automate tasks, understand what is scripted and declarative pipeline with the help of groovy scripts. Jenkins is Read More →

Définition du KPI
Il s'agit d'un acronyme de Key Performance Indicator, ce qui signifie en français : Indicateur de performance clé.
Ce sont des mesures qui permettent aux entreprises d'évaluer la performance d'un domaine. On parle aussi de "metrics", même si une différence existe entre ces 2 termes :

les KPIs sont liés à un objectif Read More →

Table of Contents


1. General Introduction

1.1. The Way of the Program
1.2. Algorithms
1.3. The Python Programming Language
1.4. Executing Python in this Book
1.5. More About Programs
1.6. What is Debugging?
1.7. Syntax errors
1.8. Runtime Errors
1.9. Semantic Errors
1.10. Experimental Debugging
1.11. Formal and Natural Languages
1.12. A Typical First Program
1.14. Glossary

2. Simple Python Data

2.1. Variables, Expressions and Statements
2.2. Values and Data Types
2.3. Read More →

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures using Python

By Brad Miller and David Ranum, Luther College


1. Introduction

1.1. Objectives
1.2. Getting Started
1.3. What Is Computer Science?
1.4. What Is Programming?
1.5. Why Study Data Structures and Abstract Data Types?
1.6. Why Study Algorithms?
1.7. Review of Basic Python
1.8. Getting Started with Data

1.8.1. Built-in Atomic Data Types
1.8.2. Built-in Collection Data Types

1.9. Input Read More →

Bien démarrer avec Azure
Azure pour les développeurs .NET et .NET Core
Prenez le développement d’applications cloud en main avec Azure en utilisant les ressources ci-dessous pour rechercher d’excellents tutoriels et des outils pour les développeurs .NET et .NET Core.

À l'informatique
Von Neumann a donné son nom à l'architecture de von Neumann utilisée dans la quasi-totalité des ordinateurs modernes, l'apport d'autres collaborateurs de l'EDVAC en est par conséquent grandement minimisé (on citera J. Presper Eckert et John William Mauchly parmi d'autres). Cela est dû au fait qu'il est, en 1945, le rapporteur des travaux pionniers Read More →

An algorithm is little more than a series of steps required to perform some task. If we treat each step as a basic unit of computation, then an algorithm’s execution time can be expressed as the number of steps required to solve the problem.
This abstraction is exactly what we need: it characterizes an algorithm’s efficiency Read More →

Data warehousing provides decision-support data that is consistent, integrated, standard, and simply understood.
What Is Data Warehousing ?
Data warehousing is a process for collecting, storing, and delivering decision-support data for some or all of an enterprise. Data warehousing is a broad subject that is described point-by-point in this Refcard. A data warehouse is one of the Read More →
This book is a practical—and, we hope, entertaining—introduction to some of the most important algorithms and data structures in computer science.
We know that some software engineers think “practical algorithms” is an oxymoron 😞 so we’ve done our best to keep this book brief, useful and approachable.1 The code samples are in idiomatic Python, and the Read More →

I. End-to-end Machine Learning courses
II. How machine learning works
III. Using machine learning
IV. Using data
V. Statistics

VI. Professional Advice
VII. Artificial intelligence editorial
VIII. Becca, a robot brain project

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End-to-end Machine Learning courses
Hands-on, project-driven courses for machine learning students and data scientists, offered through Udemy.

Decision Trees: Build your own transit time predictor
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pyfolio is a Python library for performance and risk analysis of financial portfolios developed by Quantopian Inc. It works well with the Zipline open source backtesting library.
At the core of pyfolio is a so-called tear sheet that consists of various individual plots that provide a comprehensive image of the performance of a trading algorithm. Here's Read More →