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EXPORT AND SEND ORDERS TO FTP - is a plug-in for Prestahop 1.5 version that give the possibility to export the orders in CSV format and send them to the FTP server.
This module let's you export your shop orders as a CSV file, which you can use in excel or import it for use in other programs you use for order tracking. It let's you set a date period, customer groups, order states and select the fields you want. It also stores these in the cookie so you won't have to select the same things everytime you want to use the tool.

It also has three different options for field seperation: tab, comma(,) or semicolon (;). You can pick any one of them.

If any of the product details are selected the other fields are repeated for each product from the same order.

  1. Copy the files from the admin directory to your admin directory.
  2. Copy the modules/exportorders directory to your modules directory.
  3. Go to back office -> modules, under Tools you will see the export orders module. Install it.
  4. Click to the Configurer to export orders to a csv format and send them from FTP.
  5. You will be able to export orders to a csv file in the module configuration page – you must complete the FTP Server Parameters and Select the Orders Period. ( the starting date is Month-1 from current date ).
  6. Click to Generate Raport – to create the CSV file and send it to FTP.







Download documentation : Install Module PrestaShop ExportOrders
Download zip file : ExportOrdersSendFTP_PrestaShopModule_v.1.0

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