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The following macro is not quite as compact as a single-use ostringstream or boost::lexical_cast.

But if you need conversion-to-string repeatedly in your code, this macro is more elegant in use than directly handling stringstreams or explicit casting every time.

It is also very versatile, as it converts everything supported by operator <<(), even in combination.


#include <sstream>
#define SSTR( x ) dynamic_cast< std::ostringstream & >( \
            ( std::ostringstream() << std::dec << x ) ).str()


The std::dec is a side-effect-free way to make the anonymous ostringstream into a generic ostream so operator<<() function lookup works correctly for all types. (You get into trouble otherwise if the first argument is a pointer type.)

The dynamic_cast returns the type back to ostringstream so you can call str() on it.


#include <sstream>
int main()
    int i = 42;
    std::string s1 = SSTR( i );

    int x = 23;
    std::string s2 = SSTR( "i: " << i << ", x: " << x );
    return 0;

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