Software requirement
We willl use PostgreSQL
Download latest stable PostgreSQL RPM for CentOS 7 :
Install this release :
Create a new PostgreSQL database cluster :
We will install Java 8 SDK
Install “java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel” package :
Web browser
SonarQube installation
Download SonarQube, and copy it to your server :
PosgreSQL configuration
User & database
Logon as “postgres” :
Set password (here : ‘sonar’) to this PosgreSQL user :
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PL/SQL Cop for SonarQube is a plugin for SonarQube. The plugin analyses SQL and PL/SQL code and calculates various metrics and checks the code for compliance of the Trivadis PL/SQL &  SQL Coding Guidelines Version 2.0. Behind the scenes the plugin calls the PL/SQL Cop command line utility for the static code analysis.
A static code analysis is typically initiated as part of an Read More →

This checklist includes basic things to look for in your code reviews, but you should also allow new
styles and patterns specific to your own team to emerge and evolve. when they do, make your own
code review checklist.
Architecture / Design
Style / Readability