LOCK_TIMEOUT is not only a session-level setting, it also needs to be set in a separate batch. But, it cannot be set via a variable. So, this can be accomplished by using Dynamic SQL in the "master" Stored Procedure. This will allow for setting LOCK_TIMEOUT and then executing whatever other Stored Procedure that should run Read More →

Here are some SSIS interview questions that you can expect if you interview for the job of ETL Developer. I will be adding more questions and different small scenarios. Good luck with your SQL Server Integration Services interview.
For Video Answers for SSIS Interview Questions , Please check THIS playlist.

What is ETL?  (Video Answer)
What is Business Read More →

All Tips

Additional Optimizations for Type 2 Slowly Changing Dimensions in SQL Server Integration Services - Part 3
Backwards Compatibility in SQL Server Data Tools for Integration Services
Data Sampling in SQL Server Integration Services
Debugging Control Flow in SQL Server Integration Services - Part 1
Debugging Control Flow in SQL Server Integration Services – Part 2
Defining Workflow in SSIS Read More →

Clustered and nonclustered indexes share many of the same internal structures, but they're fundamentally different in nature. Watch Microsoft Certified IT Professional Jon Seigel explain the similarities and differences of clustered and nonclustered indexes, using a real-world example to show how these structures work to improve the performance of SQL queries.
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The page is dedicated to presentations, scripts, and other resources that are available for download.

SQL Server Audit - Evidence Never Lies - PowerPoint slide deck

SQL Saturday #692 - Atlanta, GA - Jul 15, 2017
SQL Saturday #610 - Richmond, VA - Mar 18, 2017
SQL Saturday #592 - Raleigh, NC - Mar 11, 2017
Policy Based Management - Beyond the Basics Read More →

A collection of premium SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity and increase the power of SSIS.
The HTTP/Web Services components is a grouping of SSIS add-on components from the SSIS Productivity Pack which facilitate working with HTTP and SOAP or REST based web services within SSIS.
There are currently 6 SSIS components within this category:
HTTP Connection Read More →

Free SQL Server video tutorial

Connecting to SQL Server
Working with databases
Creating and working with tables
Default Constraint
Cascading referential integrity
Check Constraint
Identity Column
Retrieving identity column value
Unique key constraint
All about select statement
Group By
Basic Joins
Advanced Joins
Self join
Different ways to replace NULL
Coalesce function
Union and Union All
Stored Procedures
Stored Procedures with output parameters
Difference between output Read More →

SQL Server APPLY operator has two variants; CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY

The CROSS APPLY operator returns only those rows from the left table expression (in its final output) if it matches with the right table expression. In other words, the right table expression returns rows for the left table expression match only.
The OUTER APPLY operator Read More →

A curated list of notable ETL (extract, transform, load) frameworks, libraries and software.

Awesome ETL

Workflow Management/Engines
Job Scheduling
Cloud Services
Big Data (Hadoop Stack)
ETL Tools (GUI)

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Workflow Management/Engines

Airflow - "Use airflow to author workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks. The airflow scheduler executes your tasks on an array of workers while following the specified dependencies. Rich command Read More →

Minimum No. of tables

1:1 cardinality with partial participation of both entities

1:1 cardinality with total participation of atleast 1 entity

1:n cardinality

m:n cardinality

Note: This is a general observation. Special cases need to be taken care. We may need extra table if attribute of a relationship can’t be moved to any entity side.
Keys of a relation: There are Read More →

What are advantages of DBMS over traditional file based systems?
Ans: Database management systems were developed to handle the following dif?culties of typical ?le-processing systems supported by conventional operating systems.
1. Data redundancy and inconsistency
2. Dif?culty in accessing data
3. Data isolation – multiple ?les and formats
4. Integrity problems
5. Atomicity of updates
6. Concurrent access by multiple users
7. Security Read More →

There is a stored procedure that must be run by only one user at a time. How do to I prevent multiple users from running the stored procedure at the same time?
SQL Server provides an application manageable lock mechanism through the sp_getapplock / sp_releaseapplock pair of system stored procedures. They provide a way for application Read More →