In this article we will learn to implement a One-To-One relationship between two classes. As in the previous article, at first we will try to understand the best use of a One-To-One relationship.
There might be a situation where we need to implement a relationship between a student and his registration number. In a university a Read More →

In this article we will learn to implement a Many-To-One relationship in a C# class. As in the previous two articles, we will explain the scenario where a Many-To-One relationship is relevant. Think about the situation where we want to represent a relationship between a teacher and a student. It is a very common scenario Read More →

In this article we will see how to implement a Many-To-Many relationship in a C# class. Let's explain a few scenarios where a Many-To-Many relationship is relevant.
The relationship between a Cricket match and Cricketer is one example of a Many-To-Many relationship. One Cricket match is played by many Cricketers and one Cricketer takes part in Read More →

Self installing .NET service using the Win32 API
Download demo project - 30.4 Kb

The Windows service code that ships with the .NET framework and Visual Studio works just fine usually. However, sometimes it's just annoying to have to create an installer project just for a simple service you're writing. Furthermore, Microsoft tends to hide away the Read More →