Using bash scripts to become a more efficient web developer
Here are a few scripts, that I find really useful for speeding up my web development time.
I’ve been building up this list as I needed to use them – so they maybe a little raw.
For example often clients send me images with filenames that don’t match Read More →

1. Introduction

1.1 Getting the latest version
1.2 Requisites
1.3 Uses of this document

2. Very simple Scripts

2.1 Traditional hello world script
2.2 A very simple backup script

3. All about redirection

3.1 Theory and quick reference
3.2 Sample: stdout 2 file
3.3 Sample: stderr 2 file
3.4 Sample: stdout 2 stderr
3.5 Sample: stderr 2 stdout
3.6 Sample: stderr and stdout 2 file Read More →