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Azure Virtual Network Step by Step. In this tutorial, I show you how to create an Azure Virtual Network setup. I take you through the fields of the Azure Portal create virtual network screen, and tell you why I am choosing the values I did. We also go into detail about subnets, and create multiple new subnets on the virtual network. You'll see an Azure Virtual Network Gateway Subnet being added, as well as the creation of new Network Security groups. NSGs are important for Azure Virtual Network security. At the end of the video, I create a Windows VM to add to the network as a connected device. Check out my site at or subscribe for more videos like this! An introduction to me and this channel is here: Here's a link to my Udemy course on the Azure Architecture exam 70-535. Here's a link to my brand new Udemy course on the Azure Developer exam 70-532. A brand new course on TOGAF Standard 9.2, just released, is available here:

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