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This Azure Data Factory tutorial will help you understand what is a Data Factory, why we need Data Factory, what is a Data Lake along with a demo on Azure Data Factory. Azure Data Factory is one of the most important services offered by Azure. The data generated by digital products is increasing exponentially and there is a lot of data being accumulated from different streamlines. So, it becomes a big task in storing and analyzing this data. That's where Azure Data Factory comes into play. Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based data integration service that orchestrates and automates the movement and transformation of data. Azure Data Factory stores the data with the help of Data Lake storage, this data will be analyzed with the help of pipelines and then published in an organized manner. Now, let us get started and understand Azure Data Factory in detail.

Below topics are explained in this Azure data factory tutorial:

1. Why Data Factory? (00:09)

2. What is Azure Data Factory? (00:55)

3. What is a Data Lake? (02:55)

4. Demo (04:35)

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